Your message to the people:

It is my humble request to the people of the region and the state to keep them informed about their problems from time to time so that I can get them resolved on time with your cooperation by raising them prominently before the government in the Vidhan Sabha. I am always open to welcome you. All people, all classes, in all areas should work together for social upliftment by rising above the idea of ​​caste and religion. Staying aware of your rights and duties, work with a positive and progressive thinking so that our state moves on the path of progress and development.


Main issues of the Legislative Assembly:-

(a) State Level:-
1. Educated unemployed youth is the main problem of the state today. The youth of the state should get employment opportunities for themselves, this is the main problem to stop migration from villages.
2. This state government should give employment-oriented education and technical education to the economically weaker families, so that all the sections get equal opportunities for living and development and the publicity of the prevailing education should be stopped, for which a lot of work has to be done.
3. The people of the state are not getting even clean water in basic needs. Free access to clean drinking water is a major issue today.

(b) Regional Level:-
Vidhan Sabha constituency Khatima is a marginally backward, Terai tribal dominated area. From clean water to education, a lot of work has to be done in many areas.
2. Due to being a border area with Nepal, many problems like:- Maoism, smuggling etc. Many works have to be done to solve the problems.
3. Settlement of disputes of tribal and non-tribal lands.
4. Solution to the problem of flood and land erosion in agriculture based areas.
5. Construction of Polytechnic.
6. Construction of ITI.
7. To get the construction work of government hospital under construction completed as soon as possible.
8. Construction work of roadways bus station.
9. Construction of Bypass in Khatima City.
10. Construction of 4-lane road at Khatima.
11. Connecting the Frontier Bagga Chaivan Gram Sabha with the Revenue Village, Dhoshit Karwan and Sampark Marg.
12. Construction of Sports Stadium.
13. To start other courses in degree colleges.
14. To get the long dilapidated road constructed from Bagiya Dhat to Chakarpur.
15. Construction of bridge over Parveen river as soon as possible.
16. Marking of agitators in Khatima area and construction of martyr memorial.
17. Providing employment to the youth by establishing industries.
18. Solution of problems related to farmers.
19. Basic facilities have to be provided in all Gram Sabhas.

Efforts to solve: 

To stop the migration of educated unemployed from the states, it is necessary to establish more and more industries in the state, development of tourism, power generation by proper exploitation of water sources with scientific thinking, hot culture, flori culture, gardens. The youth of the mountains should be used in the state itself by training the unemployed youth in the fields of fruit production, herb production and flower production etc.

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